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Carpet Binding

With our custom carpet binding, you can create a soft surface solution that is sized to work for your room’s floorplan perfectly. We will bind the edges of your favorite carpet style and stitch it in place for a polished look. Whereas some area rugs can be more expensive to afford and go over your budget, carpet binding will allow you to add or replace rugs in every room you prefer for less!

Visualize your flooring | Hopkins Floor Co

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Roomvo | Hopkins Floor Co

Hardwood Restoration

By investing in genuine hardwood flooring in your home, you improve your property’s value, and you also receive the fantastic benefit of being able to refinish your gorgeous planks over the years! Refinishing the wood surface will remove scratches, fading, cupping, cracking, and discoloration that occur throughout the life of the floor. Our hardwood experts can easily restore the life and organic luxury of your hardwood floors.

In-Home Measure | Hopkins Floor Co

Schedule an In-Home Measure today!

When you want to complete a design refresh in your home, you will need accurate measurements of the entire space including closets, inlets, and transitions areas to calculate square footage, budget accordingly, and plan for your purchase. Our experts can take an in-home measure so that you will know how much flooring you need, how much of your total project will cost, and help eliminate surprises.